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Don't Give In

April 2017

by Merlin Carothers

     When Adam and Eve gave in to temptation, Satan somehow received special control over this world. As “prince of this world”, he offered the Son of God all the kingdoms of the world (see Luke 4:5-7) if Jesus would simply kneel before him.

     Satan uses all his cunning to get us – like Adam and Eve – to question God’s right to tell us what we must not do. Satan wants us to honor him by our grumbling and complaining. He attempts to confuse us with arguments, irrelevant details, distortions, sickness, poverty, distress, anger and resentments. He will do anything he can to keep us from believing that God will use everything that happens to bless us if we will only thank and praise Him (see Romans 8:28).

     Don’t give up if praising God doesn’t seem to quickly work for you. Remember that Satan is using every skill he has to keep you from being thankful for the way God is working in your life.

    When problems increase, multiply your praise.  Use every available opportunity to concentrate on honoring God by your thanksgiving to Him. Every day we face opportunities to decide which direction we will go. When people speak to us in anger, we are tempted to respond in the same way. But what if, earlier that day, we had decided to be filled with

joy and praise no matter what happened?

     I urge you to study the praise books, and especially the scripture references. Each book gives illustrations of mistakes that other Christians and I have made, as we struggled to learn to praise the Lord in our hearts and with our lips. Learn from our mistakes. Learn how shrewd Satan’s temptations are. He is clever! He knows your personality and

how you are most easily misled and deceived.

    Feed your mind on things that will train you to praise God. As your understanding grows, your joy will increase and you will learn to recognize Satan’s clever devices. Then it will be more difficult for him to discourage you. Your spiritual and emotional strength will grow. Your love for God will increase as you realize that indeed He will take everything that happens and make it work for your good. As your joy increases, you will draw others to our Lord Jesus.

     Our eternal objectives are so important that we must not fail to reach them. Satan only wanted Jesus to kneel before him for one moment! Each moment of our life is important! Every detail of our lives offer us the choice of believing that God is using it for our good, or to “kneel before Satan” with our groans and complaints.

     Jesus said, Not My will, Father, but Yours be done. He trusted God when every detail of His life seemed to be going wrong. And God caused each detail to work for His eternal good – even His death. He will do the same for you and me, if we trust Him. Let’s strive to remember that God loves us.    (Reprint from June, 2001)

Is It Alive To You?

by Mary Carothers

     The Bible is the most precious gift the Lord has given us. It is His love letter to us. His instruction book. It is a sure anchor in a troubled, turbulent world. While society is constantly changing its mind about moral values, His Word is unchanging – His values absolute. What security this gives us, knowing that our Lord never changes. His Word is as relevant today as it was when it was written thousands of years ago. Last week’s newspaper is fit only to throw away, but the Bible is always up-to-date.

     When we try to understand the Bible with our intellect only, it can be dry, even dull. We need the Holy Spirit to quicken it to us. II Corinthians 3 tells us that the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. The Holy Spirit gives life to the written Word of God. Without His quickening influence, the Bible can become legalistic. It can be wrongly interpreted. It can bring forth bondage instead of the life, joy and victory He intends it to bring to us.

     Anointed with the Holy Spirit, the Bible becomes exciting.  It comes alive with meaning. We find ourselves reading it not out of duty, but with anticipation. We seek Him daily in and through His Word, excitedly waiting to find His guidance, His correction, His approval, His encouragement, and most of all His love for us

    If you have never experienced the Spirit’s quickening of the Bible, would you consider asking Jesus to baptize you in His Holy Spirit? (See Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:8 and Luke 3:16, John 1:33, Acts 1:5).

     Whenever Jesus does this, it seems we have a new love for the Bible. It comes alive for us. Happy Reading!

And entering the tomb, they saw a young

man clothed in a long white robe sitting

on the right side; and they were alarmed.

But he said to them, “Do not be

alarmed. You seek Jesus

of Nazareth, who was

crucified. He is risen!

He is not here. See

the place where

they laid Him.

Mark 16:5-6

Praises for Power in Praise!

Power in Praise is an amazing book and it changed my life.     Ronald, CA


I just finished reading Power in Praise for the umpteenth time and I consider the chapter “When Sparrows Fall” to be one of the greatest and most helpful in all of Christian literature.  John, VA


While reading Power in Praise I found peace. I am now trusting, thanking and praising God.    Isaac, CA


Power in Praise was a great blessing to me during a difficult time of trials. The testimonies were reminders that I can really trust Jesus to use these circumstances for my good.            Amy, VA


I read Power in Praise while I was in jail and asked Jesus into my life.   Pat, NJ


Power in Praise has been a guide that I have used ever since I first read that book many years ago. I don’t know what I’d have done without it.       Lois, PA


Power in Praise has influenced me more than any book I’ve ever read. I use it for my daily devotional.       Joan, NY


Power in Praise changed my way of thinking. Instead of asking God “why” I now thank Him for using all things to work for my good.         Louis, GA

How About  You?

     Nearly every person who reads this believes that we would be better off following the teachings of Jesus. But most of us realize that folks will not follow Him until they understand why they should do so. For people to know the “why”, someone needs to help them. Jesus told us why many would never hear His message. He said few people would do what was necessary to get His Good News to others.

     The Bible tells us that people will find many excuses as to why they cannot help others know Him. All of us have used excuses to exempt ourselves. We permit ourselves to put off doing what needs to be done until a more convenient time (see Acts 24:25).

     How about you? What have you put off doing until a more convenient time? If you want to do more we offer bulk price discounts on Power in Praise and Prison to Praise as well as discounts on all the other praise books. We hope this will enable you to do what will cause you to one day hear, Well done thou good and faithful servant.

     Use our books and tracts, or other Christian literature, but please don’t put off doing whatever you can to be obedient to Christ. His command was to get His message out to everyone. If you make the right decision, God will help you do great things for Him. Decide today what you will do! For eternity you will be glad.


Your faithful support has

enabled us to send free praise

books to the following facilities:

State Prison, Deer Lodge, MT

Berks County Jail, Leesport, PA

Correctional Facility, Norton, KS

Calcasieu Jail, Lake Charles, LA

Douglas County Jail, Roseburg, OR

Correctional Center, Bridgeport, CT

Prison Work Farm, Camp Point, IL

Ben Hill County Jail, Fitzgerald, GA

Alfred D. Hughes Unit, Gatesville, TX

Correctional Complex, Mt. Olive, WV

Northeast Detention Facility, Clayton, NM

High Desert State Prison, Indian Springs, NV

Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Dept., Cleveland, OH

Tomoka Correctional Institute, Daytona Beach, FL

Southeastern Correctional Ministry, Hampton, VA

Ouachita River Correctional Unit, Malvern, AR

Bent County Correctional Facility, Las Animas, CO

Central North Correctional Center, Ontario, Canada

Lake County Hill Correctional Facility, Lakeport, CA

Jackson County Detention Center, Kansas City, MO

William S. Key Correctional Institute, Fort Supply, OK

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