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January 2017


by Merlin Carothers

     Martha, Martha, the Lord answered, you are worried and upset about many things (Luke 10:41).

     Understanding the word omnipotent (which means all powerful) is important - exceedingly so! The Creator of our Universe is able to do anything He wants to do. It's unreasonable to think of God as being limited by anything that He created.

     Why do I stress this point? We will never find peace of mind until we believe in and trust God's omnipotence.

     God created us in His image, but that blessing carries one huge responsibility. He will not force us to trust Him; we alone must make that decision. We seem to find that very difficult to do, but Jesus saw trusting God as being so natural that He could not understand why men found it so difficult.

     The Bible explains our mission here on earth; have faith in God's power to do anything that needs to be done. Understand that and we are ready to fulfill His plans for us.

     The Israelites didn’t understand that they needed to trust God. While in the desert they decided they had been without water too long. They felt their children were going to die of thirst. Enough is enough – they thought, so they began to grumble and complain. Even though they had seen God do mighty miracles, they still didn’t trust Him.

     Our rebellious mind says, "Unless God solves my problem I can't trust Him." But God refuses to respond to our unbelief, and we miss the great blessing of trusting Him.

     We sometimes strive to believe that God will work a miracle for us. But in our straining we suffer; enjoying God's blessings always seems to be somewhere over the horizon. The joy Jesus promised seems to always elude our grasp.

     Peace of mind and joy can depend on our acceptance of that one word - omnipotent. God is able to do whatever needs to be done. He doesn't need our approval, but He asks for our trust.

     If you haven't been trusting God with your marriage, children, work, finances, health or your future, why not begin today?  Do your best at each task and give up the worry that wants to control you. Worry says, "I can't trust God to work this out so I'd better worry about it."

     You might say, "But my problem is severe. I need God to do something now, and He isn't doing it." Maybe you need to add one more word to God's qualities. He is omniscient (which means knowing everything); He knows everything about everything, and He knows exactly when everything should be done.

     If we choose to be worried and upset about many things that's our God-given right. But we can choose to rest our burdens in His omnipotent, omniscient care. Jesus did; His disciples learned to do the same; many Christians have learned the joy of trusting God to take care of everything. If you are worried and upset about something, today is your opportunity to become more like Jesus. Yes, He was crucified, but at the right time He was resurrected!

     During 2017 let’s enjoy a new life of confidence that God will use His perfect knowledge and power to work everything for our good (see Romans 8:28).   (Reprint from January, 2006)


by Mary Carothers

     January is always a good time to think about and evaluate our old attitudes and ways of life.  Many people make New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t “resolute” enough but I never succeeded in keeping mine beyond the first month or so.

     For believers there is something “new” in our lives though. I don’t mean a New Year. I mean we live under what we call the New Covenant which Jesus established.  During the last Passover meal with His disciples He told them a profound truth.  The bread and the wine would no longer represent the lamb’s body and blood on the doorposts of their ancestor’s houses in Egypt. They would now forever represent Jesus’ Body and His Blood. In order for this to happen it was necessary that Jesus give up His life. He became the last, great and final sacrifice on the altar of the Cross. This ended for all time the sacrifice of animals which never could take away our sins (see Hebrews 10:4).

     Did you know that when we are born again into God’s Kingdom (see Colossians 1:13), He gives us a new heart and a new spirit? At the time of Jesus’ crucifixion the Devil didn’t understand that or he never would have encouraged such brutality. Many of us today don’t fully understand how profound the crucifixion and resurrection were in history. All of history before was legalistic for God’s followers and required diligent obedience to His many laws. Which nobody was ever able to do. Until Jesus did. Perfectly. This is why He was able to say in John 17 I have…completed the work you gave Me to do.

     Just what does all this mean to us? If we believe that God’s plan for Jesus to earn our salvation, was and is sufficient for each one of us, we have more blessings than we can count. Because of Jesus we have a new reason to live.

               We have new life in Him (Romans 6:4)

               We are a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17)

               We can have a new mind (Ephesians 4:23)

               We have new treasures in our lives (Matthew 13:52)

               We have new hope (I Peter 1:3)

               God’s love and mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23)

    Now Jesus has given us a new command: To love other Christians even as He has loved us (John 13:34). This will be the very best New Year’s resolution for us to try and keep in 2017. Let’s ask the Lord to each day help us do this better than we have been able to do before.

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I think it’s wonderful that you are keeping the ministry “alive” with the Praise News. I especially liked Let Us Pray in the July issue. I copied the article and will use the many scripture references to pray. The Praise News is always relevant. Thank you.    Carol, MN


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Thank you for your prayers. We need and cherish all of you who pray for us at the Foundation of Praise.  Our hearts desire is to continue to share the message of praise that the Lord gave to Merlin!





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