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July 2016

by Merlin Carothers

     Do you know what my main problem is? Me! I’d like to believe that my life would have far fewer difficulties if it weren’t for the things that other people do. But the truth is I usually create most of my problems.

     You may have someone in your family, someone at work, or a neighbor who gives you problems. But you probably do more damage to yourself than other people do to you.

     What sort of trouble do I create? I simply fail to believe God. If I was drowning and you threw me a lifeline, which I refused, whose fault would it be if I drowned? He has offered us solutions to our problems, but if we fail to use His solutions, whose fault is it?

     Jesus gave us a clear picture of what life would be like if we trusted God in every detail. No sickness. He healed all manner of sickness. No need for money. He created a coin when it was needed (see Matthew 17:27). No problems with people. They could only do to Him what God permitted them to do. No problem with Satan. Satan had to do whatever Jesus commanded. No problem with nature. He changed the weather and even controlled gravity. No problem with memory. He even knew what would happen in the future.

     The problem I have created for myself is that I believe Jesus did all of these things, and that He told me I could do even greater miracles (see John 14:12). At times there is a sudden awakening of faith that helps me to see and do wonderful things. But then that sudden burst of faith is gone, and I must wait for it to return. My faith is completely dependent on God’s grace. Jesus, however, always heard God. He always trusted God. Knowing we need to change and doing something about it are two different things!

     Each day I practice using my faith, and to my joy I see some signs of growth. Peace of mind is increasing in many areas of my life.

One method I use is to watch for anything that has caused me, in the past, to feel irritated. As soon as that happens, I quickly launch myself into praising the Lord for it. Over a period of days my spirit begins to get the idea! What a relief it is to me when peace of mind and heart become the norm rather than the exception.

Each day I receive many requests for prayer. These prayer requests give me so many opportunities to grow in faith. And my faith is regularly strengthened by the people who write or call and report answers to prayer. But my continuing desire is to become more faithful to Jesus’ exhortation that we always believe God. The opportunity is that I, Merlin Carothers, could eradicate all my difficulties if I always believed God.

     But now isn’t my situation great? I can never blame my family, friends, or anyone else for my problems!

     As long as we see other people as our problem, we will forever fret. “If he or she or it would only be different then I would be happy”. But if he or she or it doesn’t want to change, then we are helpless! What a relief it is to know that people around us do not determine our destiny! When we see our own weaknesses and failures, we have the opportunity make a change.

     Hurray! God lets you and me be the source of our problems. That gives us free rein to go to Him and say, “Change me, God. I’m ready for change!”                           (Reprint from July, 2000).

by Mary Carothers

     When our nation was founded over 200 years ago it was established on Biblical principles. Because our founding fathers sought God’s help and guidance, God’s hand of blessing rested upon our nation.

     For many years America grew strong – strong in resources, strong economically, strong spiritually. We grew strong in “Yankee ingenuity” and in determination. As we became the super power of the world, we also grew complacent and careless. Today we have allowed the enemies of God to remove nearly all Christian influence from our land. This has resulted in declining morals and values. Self-indulgence is now the “god” of our culture.

     Is there hope for us? Yes, there is. But that hope rests only in the Lord our God. He gave us a promise long ago: If my people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land (II Chronicles 7:14).

     When it was time to begin the restoration of Jerusalem and the temple, there was a man of prayer, Daniel, who prayed for the healing of his country. His prayer is found in Daniel 9:4-19. It is a beautiful example of how we need to pray for our land.  Sometimes I pray for America while reading Daniel’s prayer – personalizing it so it will apply to us today.

     In Numbers 10:35 and again in Psalms 68:1 there is a prayer I frequently pray: Arise Oh Lord, and scatter Your enemies. The enemies of God have mocked His Holy name, while we – who are called by His name – have not been obedient to His command to seek the Lord with all our hearts.

     I Timothy 2:1-2 gives us a great pattern to follow when we pray for those in our government: I urge then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for … all those in authority (local, state and national government) that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. To a great extent we have people representing us in our government that we deserve. If we want to live quiet and peaceful lives, we must make it a habit to pray earnestly for godly men and women to win elections. I often pray, “Lord, raise up those who honor You and bring down those who dishonor You.” Sometimes there is a bill in my State Legislature or in U.S. Congress that represents a battle of values – between the godly and the ungodly. Then I like to pray Psalms 55:9: Confuse the wicked, Oh Lord, and confound their speech.

     Lord, let the righteous arise in our land that we may once again be called Your people.

Thank you for repeating Merlin’s articles in Praise News. A good message is always worth repeating. I re-read the words of your sweet husband, over and over.     Agnes, CA


Thank you for your hard work to spread the joy and salvation of our Savior! Learning to be grateful has changed my life.                                                                       Pauline, CA

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When I read Merlin’s letter from Heaven I was sad because I thought we would never have another column by Merlin. I am overjoyed and filled with great peace as I read the reprints of his articles. They are just as relevant today as when he first wrote them.  George, RI


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