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June 2018


by Merlin Carothers

      Jesus had perfect faith, along with perfect obedience to God. He prayed: Everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from me (Mark 14:36 NLT).

If Jesus had ended His prayer there it would not have been a perfect prayer. But He continued, Yet I want your will, not mine. He concluded His prayer this way because His prayers and faith were perfect, and examples for us to follow.

     The disciples wanted to be good men, but they didn’t understand Jesus’ way of praying. They saw His miracles and wanted to be able to do what He did, but they couldn’t comprehend the principle of wanting God’s will more than they wanted their own. They thought, as we often do, that certainly God wanted to do good – and that good was whatever they believed was good. Surely God would want to protect Jesus from the men who wanted to kill Him. Surely God would want to show the world that evil men could not triumph over Jesus.

     We are all tempted to feel that surely God will defeat our enemies of sickness, pain and the loss of loved ones. Yes, He does defeat evil. He promises that He will. But His strategy against evil – for now – seems to primarily be solving our greatest danger – Satan’s claim over our souls. Satan wants to lure into sin every person created in God’s image and then see them eternally separated from Him. But God has His own plan. He wants to prepare us for an eternity with Him and will allow anything that He knows will help us reach that goal.

     Jesus completed His mission. He overcame every temptation to disobey or doubt God. He willingly suffered whatever was necessary to complete God’s plan to help us.

     You and I may never hang on a cross, and certainly we will never have to pay the penalty for other men’s sins. But each of us has our mission here on earth. We may live and die with little or no suffering. Or, we may suffer as the disciples did. But we should not try to tell God what He should do with us! Like Adam and Eve, we can reject God’s plan, or we can accept it.

     If we try, we can learn to pray as Jesus did, I want your will, not mine. If we do that, God may deliver us from pain or He may not. But either way, we know for sure that we will be resurrected from the dead, just as Jesus was.

     Wanting God’s will is often difficult because we live in a fallen world. But, like Jesus, we can learn to want God’s will more than our own. We can, decision by decision, be drawn into Jesus’ way of thinking – praying for God’s will to be done. We will never be as successful as Jesus was, but we can learn to carry our cross, with our problems, and be used by God to complete His plans for us and for those we love.   (Reprint from June, 2006)

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Yes! Yes! Yes!

by Mary Carothers

     In II Corinthians 1:20 God tells us that all of His promises, no matter how many, find their “Yes” in Jesus. What does the Lord mean by this? He means that all of His promises are fulfilled in Christ. And by Christ. For example, in Joshua 1:5, the Lord promises Joshua that He will never leave him but will be with him in all the battles to come.

     Well, that’s nice for Joshua, but what about all of us in our struggles? If you are a believer, a follower of Jesus, His promise in Hebrews 12:5 is for you. He says: Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.

     In fact, our Lord says: Yes, I love you

                 Yes, I forgive you

                                                                                Yes, you are part of my forever family

                                                                                Yes, I will always be with you

                                                                                Yes, my Word is true

                                                                                Yes, Yes, Yes!

     Jesus tells us that, Yes, I know the pain you carry. I will help you. We will carry it together. Not just with endurance, although there is need for that. If you are willing, I will help you, and we will carry it together with joy.

     Christ the Lover of our souls tells us that, Yes, I know the mess your life is in right now. Come, I will help you clean it up. I will walk with you every step of the way. And yes, I will help you know the very first step you must take. Lean heavily on me. I will not leave you.

     Are you lonely? Jesus assures us that, Here I am at the doorway to your heart. Open your heart, your life to me and I will come in. If you are willing, we will fellowship together. It doesn’t matter if you have shut me out before. Don’t look at the failures of others. Don’t look at your own. This was why I came, to pay for the failures of all mankind.

     Yes! Jesus, we trust you. Please help us to trust you more. We love you. Lord, help us to love you more.                



Every day Merlin would receive requests for

assistance in understanding the problems that

people are struggling with. Because he was

not able to spend the time people wanted or

needed from him, he would recommend that

they read (or re-read) his books or listen to his

recorded messages. On hundreds of occasions he has spoken on

nearly every aspect of the power that is released as we practice

praising God. Fortunately, many of those messages were recorded

and are available on CD. For the month of June only, for every

CD you buy, you will receive one FREE CD of your choice.

Please use the enclosed order form to select your choice of

CDs and to view the postage rates for the shipping charges.

Each CD has been produced because many people say the message

has been of help to them in meeting their needs.

Your faithful support has

enabled us to send free praise

books to the following facilities:

County Jail, Racine, WI

Regional Jail, Harrisburg, VA

Correctional Institute, Dalhart, TX

Ben Hill County Jail, Fitzgerald, GA

Correctional Center, Osceola, AR

Jefferson County Jail, Brookville, PA

Julia Tutwiler Prison, Wetumpka, AL

Pinellas County Jail, Clearwater, FL

Correctional Institute, Lockhart, TX

Rivers Correctional Institute, Winton, NC

Perry Correctional Institute, Pelzer, SC

Minimum Security Prison, Ellsworth, KS

Tygart Valley Regional Jail, Belington, WV

Purgatory Correctional Facility, Hurricane, UT

Worcester County Corrections, West Boylston, MA

Rose M. Singer Correctional Institute, E. Elmhurst, NY

As a father has

compassion on his

children, so the Lord has

compassion on those who

fear Him (Psalm 103:13).

Thank you for caring on so faithfully with Merlin’s ministry.   Rick, AZ


I truly praise our Lord for your whole ministry.  You are in my prayers.   Maralee, OR


What a blessing you have been to our family for 45 years!    Duane & Shirley, MN


God bless you and strengthen you in all you do for Jesus.        Prem & Annette, Canada


Thank you for carrying on Merlin’s ministry!      Bobbie, KY


You are always faithful to send out the Praise News. Truly, a blessing to me.  Richard, MN


We are always uplifted by the Good News of God moving in the lives of many people by the use of the tools God has placed in your hands.  I read the other day, Serve the Lord with gladness. Come before His presence with singing (Psalm 100:1). Even when the storms come, even when the tears fall. Even when – well, I’ve learned even in any situation, we can praise God because that’s His way!        Daniel & Maggie, CA


I have never written a thank you letter for your Praise News which I have been reading for 15 years after a friend told me about Merlin’s ministry. I often leave them in public places. I’m thankful for Merlin’s wisdom and his legacy that still carries on. I always appreciate Mary’s articles, so relevant to what I’m going through.      Kristen, NY


I read every issue of Praise News and often share them with others. One of the persons I shared it with was my brother who is a Correctional Officer in St. Cloud, Minnesota. I showed him that his facility was listed as receiving your books. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do in spreading the Gospel of Joy to the world, and for focusing so much on prisoners. You truly fulfill the scripture in Matthew 25.   Sara, AZ


Our men and women at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail enjoy reading the praise books and receive a lot from them.

Chaplain, WV


I saw Prison to Praise on the prison book cart while heading into chow. We aren’t allowed to talk while in line, so I took the book and began to read. I couldn’t put it down, I even missed chow. I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks.    Leslie, AR


As I write this letter I’m wearing a smile from ear to ear and want to thank you for opening my eyes and my heart. I have accepted Jesus into my life and I’m excited for what the future holds. Even in jail I now know that God is a loving and powerful God, so I have nothing to fear.   Tobee, TX


I always look forward to the Praise News. I have been grumbling because of pain but your teachings have taught me to give thanks in every situation because this shows trust no matter what the circumstances.         Elsie, OH

Please continue your

prayers that God will use

the Foundation of Praise to

lead men and women to our

Lord and Savior, Jesus

Christ. These are difficult

times but God will not fail

to bless every effort we

make to be His witnesses

in a dark world.

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