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September 2016

by Merlin Carothers

Being Prepared by God

     Some folks think that praising God for everything is too difficult. They often aren’t sure if that is what God wants. They do not understand that praising God for difficult problems is one of the gifts that He has given us!

     Enormous burdens came upon Adam and Eve when Satan convinced them that God was treating them unfairly. God had given them perfect EVERYTHING. They lived in Heaven on earth. God had given them the god-like freedom to choose whatever they wanted to do. They chose TROUBLE.

     God offers us a way through our troubles. He asks us to trust Him to take even our most difficult problems and make them work for our good. He hands us this mighty weapon to use against evil – if we choose to do so.

     However, some folks think that God should solve their problems now, or even yesterday. But God may decide, Now is not the best time for Me to relieve you of your suffering. I ask you to trust Me.

     Some people are afraid they aren’t good enough for God to work good out of their situation. He doesn’t work good for us because we are good, but because He is good.

     Throughout the Old and New Testament there are many illustrations of God working good out of what seemed to be horrible problems. Then Jesus came to demonstrate God’s desire to work good – for us – in and through the evil that men did to Him. When threatened

with death, Jesus said He could not be hurt unless it was God’s will. They did hurt Him! They did crucify Him. He still held to God’s promise to take care of Him. Men stood around His cross and mocked Him.  One fellow sufferer scorned Jesus and asked for immediate

help, but the other man believed in Him and requested only that he go wherever Jesus was going. Two men suffering the same torture, but they made two different decisions.

     Believe Him. That is the challenge you and I face. We can trust God no matter how Satan tortures us. God may work good out of our problem the moment that we trust Him. Or, He may wait months. Or years. Everything depends on God’s perfect knowledge of what is

best for us. Each of us is a completely different person, with different needs and potential, and He is preparing us for eternity. There, in Heaven, no other person will come close to resembling what He has created in us.

     God’s entire plan is based on our faith in Him. He designed the forgiveness for our sins around our faith in His Son. He designed the power and the special gifts that He would give us around our faith. By faith we can do miracles, receive joy, and even lead others into happiness. Or, we can use our freedom of choice to remain bitter, bound by our problems. As you read this I encourage you to declare that your past, present and future are under God’s almighty power to work good in and through you.

     You can believe that you are a child of God with the same protective care that Jesus had! No person, disease or circumstance can come into your life without God’s assurance that He will use it for your good (see Romans 8:28). What a way to face today, tomorrow

and eternity. What a way to live! (Reprint from May, 2006)

Being Content

by Mary Carothers

     I have a new product in my apartment. It doesn’t work like the last one I had. I was thinking about how it cost more than my old one and it doesn’t seem to be as well made. Heavy sigh!

     A few minutes later after I had thought about this, I was reading Hebrews in the Bible. There I saw (amazingly) where the Lord said: Be content with what you have because God has said… But that was the end of the page. Immediately I thought of my new product. Why should I be content with something less satisfying than my old one? I could return it but then what would I do? I have to have it or something like it.

     Let’s go back to the end of the page where the Lord is telling me to be content with what I have. Okay Lord. I get it. I’m not to complain in my heart. Why not? Because God has said … oh, turn the page and let’s see why God is telling me to not complain and why I must be content. What does He say? How does He finish the sentence?

     Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.

     Well uh, that’s a wonderful promise Lord that you have made to all of us, your children. It’s the very same promise You made in Joshua 1:5 when he was about to take over the job of leading the Israelites after Moses died. Those were big shoes he had to fill. He probably felt unequal to the task ahead of him. So I can understand why You would give him this wonderful promise. I’m also sure that this verse has been profoundly encouraging to the followers of Jesus down through the years. But to me, today? What does being content have to do with your promise to always be with me? I just don’t get the connection between your wonderful presence and the need to be content. Why should I be content with this something less than satisfactory item in my home. Can I return it?

     Yes, Mary you can either return the item or keep it. But I want you to be content with whatever I allow into your life. I want you to be content in all your problems, large or small. Remember that I am always with you. Do you understand how My presence with you can help to put small annoyances in their place and give you the courage you need to face the seemingly insurmountable problems you and everyone will have?

     Ahhh. Yes Lord I do – finally – get it. Your presence is so awesome and wonderful it helps us to see that the problems in our lives are temporary.

     It seems like it takes me forever to understand things from your point of view Lord. Which I guess is from eternity. Okay. All of this is temporary. That’s why I need to praise and thank You for the difficult times in my life. You do know what’s best for me and You are trying to grow me up in Christ. I guess this is true for all of us. Not just me. I love you Lord.

Yea, though I walk through the

valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil; For You

are with me; Your rod and

Your staff, they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4

Bringing Heaven into Hell ~ Words of Praise

Bringing Heaven into Hell has been on my shelf for many years, and I am so amazed at how God brings me to read things in His perfect timing. It reminds me again to reflect on what is real praise? Merlin asks, “Are you really glad for your life as it is right NOW – trusting God to work for your very

best good?” So many deep truths, simply written,

yet Spirit-led in a way that really hits home. There is

an excellent section on the importance of forgiveness.

My faith increases with every page I read. An excellent read – and one I’m keeping for regular reference. LISA


Bringing Heaven into Hell made me 'sit up' and take notice of life and all it involves from a totally different perspective! Nothing that happens to us is by accident; it is ALL a part of God's perfect plan for our lives. The good and the bad. We must remember we live in a fallen world and bad things will happen. Praise God, He never leaves our side. He is always

with us and never gives us more than we can handle!

Merlin Carothers brings all this out in such a profound way and this book has become a constant companion to my Bible and me!     BETTE


I had Bringing Heaven into Hell in my library for years, even read it, but I didn't really get the message. It is so simple to anyone going through difficult times. After experiencing divorce and many other tough situations, God directed me to pick up this book and it focused on exactly what I needed to

know and change in my life. It explains what forgiveness

is and why we must practice it with everyone - even if they don't ask for it from us, because that is how God treats everybody! Praise will release the power of God to change us and our circumstances when we are thankful for them. PHILIP

Okay, for anyone who has ever "gone through hell" Bringing Heaven into Hell will help you "go" through it! Granted this book is also for anyone who hasn't gone through hell, too. This book is excellent! What an appropriate book title! Merlin so thoroughly challenged me in this book. While it made

me ‘squirm’, I cannot deny its loving and Biblical message. It challenged me to not become bitter but to be better for my experiences. I am so glad for this book!    JAMES


Bringing Heaven into Hell is elegant in its simplicity,

profound in its depth. I'm always cautious about books that friends say are 'must reads' for certain situations. We all have a desire for quick and easy answers and I find those to be more often shallow and distracting than actually helpful in addressing fundamental issues. So I was very reluctant to read this the first time it was suggested to me more than

20 years ago, but I did because I trusted the man who gave it to me, and I was desperately in need of hope. It's an easy read, but very hard to forget. It's still with me two-and-a-half decades later, and so is my family which was very much at risk during my 'hell' that led me to a place of listening. No short

answers here, but easy to grasp concepts that can change lives in the contexts of deep pain and our relationship to a God that never stops loving us.    JOHN


Bringing Heaven into Hell

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Work while you work, Play while you

play; One thing each time,

That is the way, All that you do,

Do with your might;

Things done by halves

Are not done right.


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