Open Your Mouth

Open Your Mouth


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Test me! Open your mouth wide and see if I won’t fill it. You will receive every blessing you can use! (Ps.81:10 TLB).

What incredible potential God has given us!

How long has it been since someone asked you if you are going to Heaven, or to attend church with them? If it has been a long time, there are many people just like you. It has been years since some folks have been approached by anyone showing concern for their eternal future.

Why are we so unconcerned, backward or afraid to speak about our faith? We can easily say, “How are you today?” but fail to ask really important questions. For some reason we often aren’t being the witnesses for Christ that He asked us to be.

Many people who attend church, first did so because someone invited them! If we never invite people to our church, is it because we are afraid? Do we feel incompetent or incapable of being a good witness for Christ and His church?

In some countries anyone who tries to tell others about Jesus becomes a target for police investigation. Neighbors are asked, “Are they having an illegal church service in their home? Are they trying to indoctrinate their children about a religion that is not sponsored by the government?”

It is dangerous to talk about Jesus or the Bible in much of the world. Such people are called fanatics. Our enemy wants us to keep them – and us –quiet.

“Religion is a private thing. Don’t bother other people. Don’t offend anyone. Don’t make people think you are trying to act holy.” These are the kinds of thoughts our enemy tries to put into our minds.

We are often afraid even though we have almost nothing to be afraid of! We can weep over our failures, as Peter did, or we can let people know that we believe in Jesus. God’s promise is still valid, Test me! Open your mouth wide and see if I won’t fill it. Even if we do not know what we should say to people, when we open our mouths, we may be surprised at what the Holy Spirit will say through us! Joy comes to those who are obedient. You will receive every blessing you can use! What amazing promises God gives us!

We can be creative.  When we hear, “How are you today?” we can say, “I’m happy because I have found a marvelous church. People there really love one another. Would you like to visit it?” And as this is the season to celebrate the birth of Jesus, add to your greeting, “Jesus is the reason for the season”, or anything to show the joy we have in Him!

If you are too afraid to speak, arm yourself with a tract and happily tell people how much you enjoyed it. I enjoy giving our Most Amazing Story tract to people. We will give you free copies if you write and say how you will use them. If you haven’t read the tract and want only one copy, write and let us know! Let’s reach a million new people for Christ and God will reward every seed we plant. He will give us great joy. (Reprint from December 2005)

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