Seeing the Suffering

Seeing the Suffering


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By Mary Carothers

If you visited a different prison every day you would see the utter sadness and loneliness that fills the lives of so many men and women.  Even if you knew the crimes they had committed, you would still ache within to see how deeply they suffer.  Seeing their suffering would make you want to do something to help.  If after your visit you saw that one copy of Prison to Praise would completely change a prisoner’s attitude toward God and life, you would have a great desire to supply more and more books to prisoners.  Your mind would be seeking new ways to acquire more books that you could give to those you saw suffering.

But if you stay away from prisons, or never go to one, you can go for days or weeks or even years – and never think of helping a prisoner come to know a better life.  If you don’t have the opportunity to visit a prison, or don’t want to take the time or effort needed to visit one, you could compel yourself to think of how you would feel if you did visit one.  Picture the genuine concern that would grow within your heart for these dejected, lonely people.  This is why Jesus urged us to visit those in prison.  He knew this would stir our interest in helping them.  But if you know yourself well enough to know that even after you read this you probably won’t make the effort to visit a prison, what will you do?  Will you now make the effort to try and sense how you would feel after you visited a prison, saw the conditions, and were then led out through the solid steel gates?  Concentrate for at least a few moments on how fortunate you would feel to be free.  Think of how concerned you would be as you remembered the men and women who would stay behind those bars for another year.  Ten years.  Twenty-five years.  You would want to help them know the love of Jesus.  You would do something about it!  You can do something.  You can help us provide free books to 10, 15, or 20 prisoners a month who have never yet seen or even heard about a book on praise.  Please pray about pledging this new year and God will abundantly repay you for whatever you do to help bring a new person to Christ!

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