Praise the Lord in All Things

Praise the Lord in All Things


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I am drinking in every word of Power in Praise and I am so blessed.
Jean, VA

Power in Praise is a very encouraging book with many wonderful stories of the Lord’s bounty backed up with relevant quotes from the Bible.
Maz, United Kingdom

Power in Praise should be a must read for everyone! We all have problems and can often feel depressed by the circumstances. This book puts life’s difficulties in a much better perspective by seeing it from God’s point of view. It is very liberating, it will either change the difficulties, your perspective of them, your heart and mind, or all of them.
Bill, E-mail

I read Power in Praise and I feel like it saved my life.
Robert, Clark County Detention, NV

Thank you so very much for the books you sent. This is wonderful and they are so helpful. We love sharing God’s message of love and salvation with the inmates, seniors and youth.
Pastor, New Directions Ministry, MI

Thank you so much for the praise books you sent us. We cannot even come close enough to express our love and thankfulness. You gave freely and abundantly from your heart.
Chaplain, Rutherford Correctional, NC

I just read Power in Praise and From Fear to Faith. They both made me weep openly and praise God with joy! I am learning that God is working for my good even right here in jail.
John, County Jail, ID

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