Six Readers Per Book

Six Readers Per Book


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There is nothing more exciting or inspiring to me than to see a person who has recently been transformed by our Lord Jesus.

We receive letters every day from people who say they have just read Prison to Praise and have experienced new life from Christ. We enjoy their words, but we do not have the joy of seeing them face-to-face.

I frequently meet people who say, “Twenty years ago (or 10 years or 5 years ago) I read Prison to Praise, and accepted Jesus as my Savior.” Their joy is still obvious, even though they are telling us about something that happened long ago.

When I handed Prison to Praise to a man named, Bob, I did not have an inkling of what was going to happen to him. He said he seldom read anything, but he accepted the book. In a few days we heard from Bob, and what a dramatic change there was in him!

Several of Bob’s friends enthusiastically told me about the changes they had already observed. Bob had never read the Bible, but now he was sleeping as little as possible so he would have more time to “learn what God has written.”

A newly born, radically changed man is a sight to behold! Converted, redeemed, and transformed by our Savior. The Holy Spirit turns men’s hearts from darkness to light. Of course, a book can only introduce a person to Christ, but it can be an instrument that God uses. God speaks to people through this one small volume in ways that are beyond my comprehension. Over and over, men and women say, “God spoke to me as I read Prison to Praise.”

God doesn’t speak to every person who reads Prison to Praise, but it’s certain that many people receive a clear message from Him. When I hand a copy to a person, I often pray, God, please use this to work a miracle.

If we send out 1,000 books and only one person is transformed, it would be worthwhile. But I would be seeking other, more effective ways to share the Gospel. I’m committed to using whatever time, energy, and resources I have that will best lead men and women to accept Christ. When we send 100 books to the military or to prisons, chaplains tell us that an average of six or more people read each copy.

From twenty-five years of experience, we know that many individuals will accept Jesus as Savior because of each copy of Prison to Praise that we send. This inspires me to keep moving forward! Please pray and consider very carefully how many copies of Prison to Praise you can distribute or have the Foundation of Praise distribute for you. Each book has the potential to reach at least six or more people. For every 100 copies that you hand out, you will be used by God to speak to many hearts. What an opportunity! What a joy! With your help we can be used by God to accomplish His purpose toward our Highest calling. (Reprint from May 2002)

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