Letters of Praise and Thanks!

Letters of Praise and Thanks!


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Thank you so much for all that you do at the Foundation of Praise and for the books that Merlin wrote. They have changed our lives and we appreciate all of you.
John & Susan, TX

Some time ago you asked for reactions upon hearing that Merlin had passed away. At that time, I couldn’t respond. It seemed like Merlin was an old and valued friend and I felt a personal sorrow as well as feeling that we had lost someone important. I have many of his books and have cherished them and given many of them away. Thank you for continuing this ministry.
Laura, WI

Thank you so much for your ‘thank you letters.’ They help me a lot to know I am serving our wonderful Lord!
Janet, NY

I love the Praise News and I thank you for the encouragement of Romans 8:28.
Andrew, CA

I want to thank you for sending me the Praise News. I enjoy reading them and hearing how God is working in everyone’s lives. Please keep them coming!
Roman, IA

Thank you for your faithfulness in sending us the praise books. Your dedicated act of kindness towards us always allows the glorious Gospel of Christ to continue to spread throughout the Marshall County Correctional Facility.
Chaplain, MS

I truly loved reading Prison to Praise. It was the most enjoyable and informative book I have read since the Bible.
Larry, Correctional Facility, CA

Merlin’s books have given me deep, profound, and spiritual insights. Thank you for doing God’s work.
Gary, Buckeye Jail, AZ

My name got drawn in a book giveaway through a Christian newsletter and I received Prison to Praise. I just finished reading it and the teachings have been very life changing. My heart was filled with joy, as I read it.
Chase, Correctional Center, OK

Books are vital to our ministry as we visit each facility weekly sharing the Word of God. When we leave it sometimes leaves a vacancy in the inmates, but the books fulfill this emptiness and gives them continued strength. Your book Prison to Praise is such a book!
Wendell, Jail Ministry, IL

Thank you so much for your praise books. The inmates read and love them. They say that they can easily understand and apply these principles to their lives.
Frank, County Prison, PA

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