Absolutely Impossible

Absolutely Impossible


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Unbelievable! How could anyone believe that God would lie? It is impossible for God to tell a lie (Hebrews 6:18 TLB). Why would we even think that it could happen? Perhaps because we are human.

God promises us that He will take everything that happens to us and make it work for our good (see Romans 8:28). That infuriates Satan because God’s promise means that He can even take everything that Satan does and still make it work for our everlasting good! God proved that He could do so when He took the crucifixion of His Son and made it work for the greatest good to mankind that has ever happened!

If you and I had been standing beneath Jesus’ cross, would we have been able to thank God for the sacrifice He was doing, as we now do? Of course not! Because we would not have understood that God would use such evil to give such a great gift to us. Because of Christ’s resurrection we can now look at evil and believe it would be impossible for God not to use anything and everything for the eternal good of those who love Him and trust Him.

Our God created everything out of nothing. Millions of stars, larger than the earth, came into existence when God told them to appear.

O Lord our God, the majesty and glory of your name fills all the earth and overflows the heavens (Psalm 8:1 TLB).

The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvelous display of His craftsmanship (Psalm 19:1 TLB).

Yes, be exalted, O God, above the heavens. May your glory shine throughout the earth (Psalm 57:11 TLB).

God created a different DNA for every person who has ever lived. Each DNA is too small for us to see but we have learned to believe that it is true. Most of us have not seen millions of stars, yet we have learned to believe that they exist. We can learn to believe what seems to be impossible.

God causes bad things to work for our good even if we have not seen Him do so. We can rejoice that so many people have seen God work great good out of terrible evil! Eventually we can believe that God will take any suffering that we have and compel it to forever work for our good! What if Satan causes us to be covered with boils, as He did to Job? God will use it for our good – forever.

God took weak, selfish, sinful people like you and me and declared that if we believed in His Son as our Savior we would live with Him in Heaven forever. He declared that whatever happens to us here on earth He would make it work for our good – forever. What if our faith is so weak that we cannot believe that He will force evil to work for our good? Doesn’t matter! He can still force anything and everything to work for our good.

Satan may whisper, “But why has God permitted boils to cover your body? They hurt don’t they? If He always works for your good why doesn’t He heal you?”.

Why didn’t Jesus point His finger at the men who beat Him and hung Him on a cross, and tell them to drop dead? He could have done anything He wanted to do, but more than anything Jesus wanted to trust God. He wanted God’s Will to be done rather than His own will.

You and I are faced with the same challenge. We don’t have the same strength that Jesus had but we can grow in the strength we do have. Day by day we can believe that nothing is impossible for God. He may let us die before we see His mighty power solve our problems. Would that change anything? Jesus was tortured and crucified. He was dead, but He was resurrected just as you and I someday will be resurrected! His disciples believed that God would work good for them, out of their problems. Therefore, He was able to use them to do more for men and women than any persons who had previously ever lived!

God can use you and me to do – anything. Jesus illustrated our power when He said we could cause a mountain to be thrown into the sea. But there is still one thing that God cannot do. He cannot fail to keep His promises!

Why should anyone even think that there is anything that God could not use for our good? Let’s believe that we can help many, many people learn to believe Him. (Reprint from January 2010)

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