God’s Grace

God’s Grace


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By Mary Carothers

The book of Galatians in the Living Translation is one of my very favorite books of the Bible. Nowhere else does God so clearly show us His Grace versus our desire to “earn” His blessings.

Some years ago, I sat in a prayer group and listened as a man expounded on the merit of keeping one of God’s laws. He finished by saying, “If we keep this law, God will bless us.” He felt we had to “earn” God’s blessings.

There is within each of us, the desire to feel pride for our “goodness”. “Look at me, God. I kept this law. See how hard I’m working for You, God? Now I deserve to be blessed!”

But we can never earn God’s blessings by keeping the law, or by being good, or by working for Him. God wants to bless us because we trust in His Son Jesus. To Abraham He said, I will bless those in every nation who trust in Me as you do (Galatians 3:9). Paul quotes the prophet Habakkuk and says, The man who finds life will find it through trusting God (Vs. 11).

In Galatians, God tells us that if we try to earn God’s blessings and approval by working for Him or being good enough, Christ is useless to us. In fact, Paul says we are lost from God’s grace and mercy  (see Galatians 5:4). God forbid that Mary Carothers should ever get what she deserves! I trust Jesus to give me God’s Grace.

When we trust in Jesus to save us, trust in Him to be our goodness, then we become God’s children. Everything He has belongs to us; for that is the way God planned it (see Galatians 4:7).

His love is poured out on us, His children.

His grace is extended to us, His children.

All His power is released for us, His children.

Thank you Lord, that you abundantly give to us, your children, out of the great storehouse of your love and mercy.

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