It Is Still Happening

It Is Still Happening


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Ever since I became a follower of Jesus I have heard people asking, “How do you know that Jesus is who He said He was?”

Something happened in me when I knew Jesus was my Savior. Nobody said, “Merlin, you should tell people all over the world that Jesus is the Savior.” Yet a voice within me kept urging me to do everything I could to help people know and love Him.

I’ve known that my talents are limited so it has been easy for me to understand that whenever God has used me to do anything, all the praise goes to Jesus. It’s somewhat like being born. I had nothing to do with that! My parents did everything.

I say this because I know some readers feel incapable of being a part of God’s plan to give His Good News to all the world. Pay no attention to Satan’s ugly voice. The Bible says he is a liar. He just wants to keep Jesus from being glorified. In spite of his efforts to persecute Christians, God’s words keep reaching more people!

Once the doors to China were shut but now Christians go there with suitcases filled with Bibles and Christian books. Why is that possible? Because one, two, and then many people kept doing their best to get Jesus’ Good News to the Chinese people.

The same is happening in many countries. People like you and me are doing what they can to get Jesus’ message to the people. All over the world, God’s people have been doing what they can do!

The Holy Spirit is helping us. Soon Jesus will come back and reveal to us what His people have accomplished. We should not be discouraged!

For hundreds of years Christians were threatened with death if they printed even one Bible. But Christians did not give up. Some were executed but others worked harder to get Jesus’ message to others. Millions of Bibles have been printed! Christians have given thousands of copies to people who have read God’s words and received Jesus as Savior. Today there are people who dedicate their lives to help others know and love Jesus.

When you are led to give a praise book to one more person, that person may be inspired to give more books to others. Yes, it is still happening.

People in other countries are offering to translate and publish our books in additional languages. There are no limits to what God may do to help more people, everywhere, to know and love His Son. His power working in us can do – anything.

Listen and perhaps you can hear Jesus’ words that He spoke to men and women who had no education, no position of power, no authority:

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15 KJV). (Reprint from March 2011)

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