Lay Up Treasures

Lay Up Treasures


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But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where moths and rust do not destroy … (Matthew 6:20 NIV).

What is the greatest treasure we can hope to find in Heaven? What will affect us eternally?

At the top of God’s priorities will be what we have done to help another person believe in Jesus as Savior. They will be an eternal example of what we have “laid up in Heaven.”

If we can sing, preach, or write books we can use those abilities to lay up treasures in Heaven. But there are ways that anyone can accomplish the same goal!

We can help to lead a person to Christ who can then become a great singer, preacher, or author. Whatever they do will become part of our treasures in Heaven.

But before we will do anything to affect our Heavenly treasure, we must have a desire to do so. The more intense that desire is the more the Holy Spirit will guide us. A vague desire is not sufficient to lay up the treasure that God is offering us. He sees our desire and responds to what we really want. Think of it! God’s almighty power is available to anyone who wants to serve Him.

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