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In looking through past Praise News I found this article that Merlin wrote and was blessed by it and hope it blesses you too.

“When I wrote Prison to Praise my goal was to help people to learn to praise the Lord. But to my surprise, and great joy, God’s plan was to also use the book to lead many to accept Jesus as their Savior. Let me tell you of a recent example.
Yesterday I met a man who ministers regularly in a prison. When he first began going, he met a prisoner who had been a medical doctor, and was very bitter and angry about being in prison. But he had read Prison to Praise, which had been provided by one of you! He accepted Jesus as his Savior and began to praise God for the rotten mess his life was in. Today he is filled with joy and even teaches a Bible class. He tells the younger men, ‘Don’t wait as long as I did to make Jesus your Lord and Savior’.

One prison chaplain told us, ‘Men will read Prison to Praise who have no intention of reading anything religious, but then, many of them accept Christ into their hearts.’
There are people in the world that no other book could reach. When you and I supply Prison to Praise to hurting, lonely people we are sowing the seed, and God will inspire the growth.”

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