Thank God for This?

Thank God for This?


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A man who had lost his wife said to me, “Merlin, I’m trying, but I don’t believe I can thank God that my wife has died.” Should he? If not, why? If so, why?

Since Ephesians 5:20 directs us to thank God for everything, does that mean He will punish us if we don’t? Does it mean He is displeased with those who don’t thank Him? What is His reason for saying, Always give thanks to God the Father for everything? Perhaps we should ask, “Why does God tell us to do anything?” Does He need our obedience to satisfy His ego? Does He want to impose His will on us simply because He is Almighty? If we think this way, we have a poor understanding of who and what God is.

Did God say, Thou shalt not commit adultery, because He knew that would be difficult for people to obey? Did He say, Thou shalt not steal, just to please Himself? God’s laws emphasize what He knows is best for us! His “thou shalts” and “thou shalt not’s” demonstrate His perfect knowledge of what will help us. Even if we don’t understand His laws or don’t agree with them, they are there because of His love for us.

What child understands, “Thou shalt not eat cookies before dinner?” That’s not fair, the child might think. Or, how does he feel about, “Thou shalt wash your hands before you eat.”  What harm could a little dirt do?

When the man told me that he had great difficulty in thanking the Lord that his wife had died, I knew he was asking me, “Why should I?” To remain heartbroken and discouraged, the man needs to do nothing. He would remain that way until he dies.

However, there is a solution that God has provided. But the solution requires that we believe that God means what He says. Just as we believe that Jesus is our Savior, we can believe that God will use even a tragedy to work out some good for us. When God says, Thank Me, and believe that I will work this for good, He is telling us how to be delivered from our burdens! Praising God sets us free! Sometimes we are instantly free, and at other times we gain freedom one inch at a time.

Please believe that God’s perfect love has our best interests in mind, in everything He says. Our childish minds may think, He is only trying to punish us, but this is never true.  As a loving father trains a child, God is always leading us in the direction that is best for us.

The disciples didn’t want Jesus to die, but Jesus said it was necessary. You and I don’t want suffering of any kind, but suffering can be used by God to work for our good – not for God’s benefit.

So many things we do not know or understand. But God says, Trust Me. You don’t understand now, but later you will. Trust My Son, and your faith will help to force sorrow and pain to be used for your eternal good.

Thousands of people have already witnessed the healing and life-giving power that comes from being thankful to God for everything. (Reprint from September 2000)

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