Trust in God’s Bank

Trust in God’s Bank


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How big do your problems seem?  Problems you once had might have been overwhelming, but now have slipped into the no-problem category. Time, age, or various changes may have dissolved them. Right now your attention is on the present problems.

Are you aware that God wants us to see all our problems from the “future perspective?” In 1, 10, or 100 years, how important will that problem be?

The absolute truth is that all problems – for Christians who trust God – work for our good. One day we will clearly see that. For today, God asks us to trust and rely on Him. If we worry over our problems, we can actually cause God to delay the solutions! If you doubt that, meditate on all the problems that people in the Bible had when they refused to trust God. His promises are made to those who believe in Him.

Just as we no longer worry or fret over the problems we once had, we can now make a choice to no longer cling to our current problems. What happens then? God immediately goes to work – working for our good.

It’s a little like money you may be fortunate enough to have in the bank. You don’t have it in your possession. Why? You put it in the bank so it will work for you. If you put it under your mattress it wouldn’t be accomplishing anything for you. And besides, you would probably worry about someone stealing it!

Problems are somewhat the same. If we cling to them, they will work against us. But God has invited us to put them in “His Bank.” When we are bold enough to trust Him, He takes them and uses them for our good.

We do have to be bold to place our trust in God. Our mind seems to always want to cling to every opportunity to worry about everything. That is the self-destructive part of our fallen human nature.

Jesus came to give us freedom from worry, but we must accept His gift.

Today is a good day to deliver our problems to “God’s Bank.” He guarantees their safety through the security of His Son. His Word says in Ephesians 5:20:

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus.

God offers us freedom from worry and fear, and He wants us to accept His offer. Accepting His proposal requires more faith than it does to trust our money to a bank. We can’t see God’s promised safekeeping, and He doesn’t send us monthly statements. He asks us to trust Him until the day He reveals Himself to us in all His glory.

Fill out your “deposit slip,” place it in God’s Bank and rely on His faithfulness. His “interest rate” on confidence in Him is phenomenal!

(Reprint from June 1995)

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