What Do You Need?

What Do You Need?


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By Mary Carothers

A friend of mine recently shared a learning experience in her life. After working very hard on a project, she waited expectantly for her employer’s praise for work well done. Instead, he began to point out areas that would need improvement next time. Well, she thought, constructive criticism is good; when he’s through, he’ll surely praise me for all my hard work and effort. But when he finished offering his advice, he simply went on to other work.

Disappointed, she walked back to her desk thinking, “He could have at least mentioned all my hard work.”

Later that evening, she labored over an elaborate dinner for her husband. Pleased with the results, she waited for his compliments. Instead, he didn’t seem to even notice it, eating hurriedly in order to get to an important meeting. As he left, planting a hasty peck on her cheek, he said, “See you later, Honey.” Not a single word about the dinner. Moments later, she dissolved in tears. “Oh, what’s the use?” she wailed. “Nobody appreciates my work.” Turning to God in her hurt, the Holy Spirit began to minister to her.

I will supply all your needs, my child. Your employer and your husband are only human. Neither they nor any other person can ever meet your deepest needs. I love you with an everlasting love; only out of my limitless love can all your needs be met.

She began to realize that as she looked to people to meet her needs, she was susceptible to being hurt. But as she looked to Jesus to meet her needs, He would never forsake her, nor hurt her. His love, His tender mercies, would be with her forever. She could safely trust Jesus to supply all that she needed. As the rock of her life, she would have a firm, stable foundation upon which to build.

Now she’s learning to do all that she does as unto the Lord, rather than unto people (Col. 3:23). When she does her best at work or at home, she is growing in peace. Whether anyone else notices and appreciated her work, she knows Jesus does. She is learning that praise from Jesus for work well done is far more valuable than praise from people – who are, after all, only human.


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