What is Christmas?

What is Christmas?


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What will Christmas mean to us this year? Probably many different things.  But what does Jesus’ Father want Christmas to mean?

In our lifetime there have been many changes in what business and public schools want Christmas to mean. Notice what you see this time of year. Most stores will celebrate “Xmas”. Many schools will sing “Jingle Bells” but nothing about Baby Jesus. Bit by bit changes keep moving our country toward making Christmas a non-Christian holiday.

What can we do? We can get back to the emphasis that our Heavenly Father wants us to have when we talk about His Son. We can remember that God designed Jesus’ birthday for His own special purpose. A Child was born who would show the world what God wants to do for those whom He created in His own image.

What should we think about during this season?

  1.  This is the birthday of God’s Son.
  2.  The ways we can honor His Son.

Is it appropriate to give presents to others just as God gave Jesus to us? Yes, because Jesus taught us to give blessings to others. But, above everything else God wants Jesus to be honored for being our Savior. He is the reason we celebrate His birthday.

Our priority this Christmas should be, “Jesus is Lord.” He said no person could ever enter Heaven except through faith in Him. Of course, that makes some people angry. Others think we should not offend anyone by repeating what God said. But here is what we say we believe:  Salvation is found in no one else for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). Also in John 14:6: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Because of what Jesus taught He was crucified! Through the years many Christians have been executed because they refused to renounce what He said. I have been told that more people were martyred for their faith in Jesus during the last century than in all the previous years since Jesus was crucified.

Jesus’ words are sometimes ignored or criticized. But we should not remain silent about our faith in who He is! If we say Jesus is our Savior that means we depend on Him to give us eternal life.   Jesus should be at the very front of our hearts and tongues. We are the ones God has chosen to tell the whole world who His Son is.

Let’s do our best this Christmas season to honor Jesus, as God wants Him to be honored! We do not need to argue with others. Sometimes our silent loving behavior can speak louder than words. We are gloriously saved children of God who believe that He is the reason we have great joy!

(Reprint from December, 2016)

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