Who Do You Say He Is?

Who Do You Say He Is?


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By Mary Carothers

In Matthew 16:13 Jesus asked His disciples, Who do people say that I am? The disciples replied that some folks thought Jesus was John the Baptist, perhaps because John and Jesus ushered in a new era of God’s dealing with mankind. Other people thought He was Elijah, because both Jesus and Elijah were miracle workers. Still others thought Jesus was Jeremiah come back to life, possibly because both were prophets of reform and hope.

While all these opinions about Jesus’ ministry may very well have been true, the people had a very limited understanding of who Jesus really was and what His ministry was to provide for all mankind.

Isn’t that just like today? If we ask people who they think Jesus was, some will respond that Jesus was a great prophet and teacher. Others may say that Jesus was the founder of a new religion. Some may even reply that Jesus is God’s Son…without understanding the significance of their statement.

All these things about Jesus are true. Yet I wonder if many people today grasp the totality of all that Jesus is. The first time Jesus came, He came as a servant, the Lamb of God, to be the final great sacrifice for sin.  He died – once, for all (see Rom. 6:10) – to rescue us from the kingdom of darkness and has brought us into the kingdom of light, where Jesus is King (see Col. 1:13).

When Jesus comes back again, He will come as a triumphant King, clothed in glory.  No longer the Lamb that was slain for our sins. Now, He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah (see Rev. 5:5). He shall forever be Lord of All.

When Jesus walked the earth as the Son of Man, people could only guess at who He was. Only by special revelation from God the Father did Peter respond correctly to Jesus’ question: Who do you say that I am? (see Matt. 16:16).

Today, the Holy Spirit is given to all believers. He desires to reveal to each of us all that Jesus is – to help us in our trials and temptations, as well as to help us understand His glory for all eternity.

Do you want to know Jesus better? Do you desire to comprehend all that He is? If you do, then ask, and keep on asking the Holy Spirit to reveal, and keep on revealing all that Jesus is. As He continues to do this, you will come to know Him as your best friend, the One who will help you each day with your problems.

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