It’s All About Praise!

It’s All About Praise!


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Thank you so much for the blessing you are, and the precious memory of Merlin! His books have blessed me over and over and I freely give copies to others.
Faith, PA

I read You Can Be Happy Now, and it is heart healing and soul recharging and I have passed it along to the other inmates. We all love it so much.
Mandi, County Jail, WA

Thank you for all you do at the Foundation of Praise. We love all your praise books and share them with many people. We never get tired of praising the Lord and teaching others about praising God.
John & Susan, TX

Merlin’s books are helping me to spread the Gospel in a dark and sad world. Everyone wants happiness – and the joy of the Lord – and it’s being sought after like never before, and your ministry inspires just that!
Lori, MT

We so appreciate the Foundation of Praise and what Merlin’s books have done for us.
Linda & Gary, KS

I am 86 years old but when I was in my 30’s I picked up Prison to Praise and read it many times. I still have that copy. Later I read Power in Praise and it changed my life. I cannot begin to say how thankful I am for Merlin’s books. I appreciate your ministry so much and will always have a special love for Merlin.
Dorothy, AR

God bless your ministry and all the many souls you have reached around the world.
Albert, Indonesia

Praise from Kindle Readers

I would urge everyone to read all of Merlin’s books and your life will be transformed. You will never know joy like you will once you wholeheartedly follow what God has revealed to him. Mind blowing!

You Can Be Happy Now is a wonderful book, and Merlin convinced me he does what he teaches, and as I practice his lessons, I am definitely happier! I recommend this book to anyone wanting to find more joy and happiness.

Thank God for all the remarkable books written by Merlin. I would strongly encourage everyone to read all his books …they have changed my life!

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