Praises for Prison to Praise

Praises for Prison to Praise


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Prison to Praise change my life. I now understand why I have not been a very effective Christian. Thank you.
Gary, AZ

I first read Prison to Praise ten years ago and have since read it many times, along with Merlin’s other books. He had such a way of telling his stories that reached my heart and conveyed God’s word in such a meaningful way that continues to strengthen my faith in our Lord. Thank you for continuing his work of spreading the message of praise and the Gospel. I look forward to passing out these books to others. Mary, I always look forward to your faithful and meaningful articles in Praise News.
Bette, MO

Prison to Praise is life changing. I have bought copies to give to family members.
Loreen, ME

We bought a large quantity of Prison to Praise to pass out at my husband’s funeral. We had lots of books left so I started handing them out with a dollar bill to the homeless, and my son and I always carry copies to hand out on our errands and trips.
Mary Ann, WA

What a joy it has given me to read Prison to Praise. I’m not even through reading it (I don’t want to put it down) and I’m anxious to read all the other books.
Beth, SD

I am incarcerated at the Henrico County Jail and I read Prison to Praise. It touched me in a way that words cannot explain. I would love more of your books so that I can continue to grow in the Lord.
Margaret, PA

I want to express my gratitude to your ministry for your faithful giving of Prison to Praise to the Waiawa Correctional Chapel. Our men will grow in the Word thanks to the inspirational messages provided in your books.
Chaplain, HI

Thank you for your ministry and the Prison to Praise books. Your ministry provides supplement and strengthens our ministry to those we serve in the Multnomah Jail.
Chaplain, OR

Thank you for Prison to Praise. I know that the men here find comfort and encouragement in these books. Your ministry is a valuable tool for helping these men to cope with the situations that the prison environment brings.
Chaplain, FL

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