Prison to Praise Reports of Praise

Prison to Praise Reports of Praise


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My husband and I read Prison to Praise years ago (and re-read many times) and it changed our whole perspective – and in many ways our lives. Over the years we have given many of your books to others. Thank you for your faithfulness in continuing the Foundation after Merlin went “home”.
Lynne, NY

I have been a pastor for 57 years and have learned more about praising the Lord from Merlin’s books than from anyone else.
Joseph, TX

This letter is long overdue. In the early 70s my wife was trying to convince me to give my life to the Lord … it was a real battle. She would leave books laying around hoping I would read one of them. One night I picked up Prison to Praise. Having just completed Airborne training at Ft. Benning, my interest was piqued. A few days later I was on my knees while my wife led me in the sinner’s prayer and my life has never been the same. It’s been almost 50 years and we are still serving our Lord Jesus Christ. I look forward to seeing Merlin in Heaven and thanking him for helping me to meet our wonderful Savior.
David, NJ

Prison to Praise spoke directly to me. So many of Merlin’s life experiences related to me: Army service, deployments, and arrest. Even though the book is only 106 pages it took me some time to finish it due to it bringing me to tears. I was only able to absorb so much. It has changed my life and has brought me into a closer relationship with the Lord – and for that I thank you!
Adrian, State Prison, CA

I just finished reading Prison to Praise and WOW! I really enjoyed it, and it was a true blessing.
Richard, State Prison, FL

I was saddened to hear about Merlin’s passing. Reading Prison to Praise was a blessing and it made me realize that I really need to change my life and do better for myself and my children.
Charles, County Jail, OH

Many lives have been changed while reading Prison to Praise. One woman accepted Jesus after reading your book and is now a part of our worship team.
Chaplain, County Jail, GA

I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the Prison to Praise books you sent to us. The inmates are very happy to receive any reading materials and we know your books will help them grow in their faith.
Chaplain, Correctional Facility, NY

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