Prison to Praise Reports!

Prison to Praise Reports!


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I have been purchasing Prison to Praise for several years now and giving them away. I am so thankful to God that you offer them at a price we can afford. I know there will be people in Heaven, thanking Merlin, knowing that his book is the reason they chose to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
Jimmy, GA

I came across Prison to Praise while reading a book by Catherine Marshall. I love Merlin’s teachings, and the praise is starting to flow! My faith is deepening, and my life is changing, and I’m so thankful.
Sparti, NC

Thank you so much for your faithfulness. Being very young when I first read Prison to Praise it didn’t all come to me at once. But over the years it has proven the truth of his message. God bless.
Jeanne, LA

I read Prison to Praise, and it really ministered to my heart. I never thought that a small little book could hold so much truth and power! I have surrendered my life to Jesus, and even though I’m in a dark place surrounded by evil – He has been faithful and lifted my spirit. Because of your book, I have a new understanding of worship and praise.
Jehu, County Jail, CA

While in the prison “hole” I asked the guard if they could bring me something to read. The guard brought me a Bible and Prison to Praise. I truly believe that this was a blessing from God. I read your book, accepted the Lord Jesus, and am reading the Bible now too. I have put my faith and trust in the Lord, and I thank you very much.
Michael, Correctional Center, TN

The inmates have really appreciated the book Prison to Praise. It has been a positive influence within the jail. What a challenging word, to praise God in all situations.
Chaplain, County Sheriff’s Office, WA

One of the women inmates received Jesus after reading Prison to Praise. She is now a part of the worship team and praising the Lord.
Chaplain, City Jail, GA

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  1. Great read. Thanks Merlin. Glory to God. I got encouraged and inspired to praise God at all time and in all circumstances.
    Sena Geoffrey:-Narok-Kenya

  2. Great read,really encouraged to have read prison to praise here in Narok Kenya. What an amazing tool of spiritual warfare.. PRAISE ….Amust read for everyone of need of answers to prayers through praise. Thanks Merlin. Glory to God. Am into praise now…