Spreading The Message Of Praise | Letters From Our Readers

Spreading The Message Of Praise | Letters From Our Readers


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Loved Prison to Praise back in the ‘70’s and still do!!
Bill, WI

Let me share with you how I got the book Prison to Praise. We had to call a repairman to fix our air conditioner and we had prayed for the Lord to send the right person. When he completed the job, he gave us a copy of Prison to Praise. My husband and I had been in a terrible rut and that excellent book brought back the fire for the Lord. Thank you for continuing Merlin’s ministry.
Sharon, KY

I shared Prison to Praise with my family and my son knelt and prayed with me.
Cynthia, CA

I read Prison to Praise in the 1970s and now our Lord is encouraging me to share them again to those who truly need a blessing.
Bess, HI

It is almost my anniversary with Jesus. A sergeant gave me a copy of Prison to Praise in 1974 and I was born again after reading that wonderful book.
Leoncia, IN

Prison to Praise means a great deal to me and is encouraging as it reminds me to stay in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I cried when read it and I could feel the love of Jesus.
Jade, NC

I want to thank you for Prison to Praise. I read it here at Richland Parish and it has changed my perspective from negative to positive and now I am full of hope.
Oracle, LA

I started reading Prison to Praise yesterday and I could not put it down. I started thanking God for everything, good and bad, in my life. Here in my cell at the Tucker Unit I am happier today then I was when I had all those worldly possessions.
Joshua, AR

Thank you for the donation of Prison to Praise books. The men and women at Ben Hill County Jail are happy to receive them. The first time I read Prison to Praise I was blessed and passed it on to others. God bless you.
Charlotte, GA

Thank you immensely for the kindness of your book, Prison to Praise. I pray God will reward you and your praise partners for sharing them with us at the Treatment Center.
Michael, MA

Thank you for the generous donation of your book, Prison to Praise. The men here at the Fresno County Detention Center are eager to read them.
Galen, CA

Thank you for the Prison to Praise books you sent for the Falkenburg Jail. We have over 3000 inmates and can use any books that you can send us.
Pamela, FL

We have been blessed with the Prison to Praise books that your ministry provides us here at the Tarrant County Jail. They are often requested by the inmates and well received. Any additional books you can send would be greatly appreciated.
Wes, TX

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  1. In Heaven they Praise GOD full time and it’s always fresh and new. It can be the same here as we wait and serve our Beautiful Lord JESUS !!! Your ministry is vital to GODS LOVE ❤️. John 17:26. ✝️💞🙏🫡😍