Thank You! Thank You!

Thank You! Thank You!


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What a blessing you have been to me through the years. I appreciate your ministry helping people to be victorious in their walk with the Lord.
Carol, MO

Thank you for all you do. I rejoice with you when I hear of how your ministry has blessed so many. I continue to keep you in my prayers.
Anne, IA

Thank you for what you are doing to let people know the importance of thanks and praise to the Lord. He is worthy of all praise, glory, and honor.  God bless you.
Graber, IN

Thank you for the Praise News. I enjoy it so much and save them so that I can re-read them when I need a reminder to praise the Lord.
Bev, OK

Thank you so much for continuing the work and love of the Foundation of Praise. Your faithfulness helps to keep me going too.
Tonni, AZ

I’ve been re-reading some previous Praise News – what a blessing each day. Merlin and Mary’s articles are just so relevant today – God’s trust has never changed.
Kitty, WA

Your ministry continues to be outstanding. Thank you for everything you do for others.
Irma, CA

Thank you for the generous donation of praise books and the quick turnaround for our request. I know the men here will find comfort and encouragement when they read these books. Your ministry is a valuable tool for helping the inmates to cope with the situations that the prison environment brings.
Chaplain, Okeechobee Corrections, FL

What a blessing the Foundation of Praise still is. I am of the age to remember when Prison to Praise first came out and saw firsthand the positive impact Merlin’s books had on the lives of so many people. My life in ministry has been positively impacted by his teachings. God is indeed good.
Chaplain, Department of Corrections, NY

I want to thank you for Prison to Praise. I just finished reading it and it has inspired me to start living a life of praise, starting with my incarceration.
Michael, Allred Unit, TX

Thank you, thank you for Prison to Praise. It has changed my life and has made this unfortunate experience bearable.
Rec, Carroll County Jail, GA

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