The Incredible Power of Praise

The Incredible Power of Praise


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The book Power in Praise has been a real blessing in my life. Robert, NJ

I gave a young friend in Ohio a copy of Power in Praise and she read it and took it to heart. She told me in astonishment, “I’ve not been trusting the Lord.” I also gave a copy to an always anxious friend in Colorado, and she told me, “I’ve prayed and prayed all these years, but I’ve never praised Him.” Thank you again for your praise-worthy work. Randa, CO

I was 33 years old when I first put praise into practice after reading Power in Praise. Now I am 81 years old, and God still uses the concept of praising the Lord in all situations. Barbara, CA

I love Merlin’s praise books. About seven years ago a friend gave me Power in Praise and it helped me so much! I have several of the praise books and they are incredible! MaryEllen, TN

Kindle Readers praise for Power in Praise

Power in Praise was an old favorite of mine for many years but found that I had drifted away from the principles of praising the Lord. Applying these Biblical truths has brought me back to trusting the Lord and praising God for everything.

Power in Praise should be a must read for everyone! By following the principles of praising God for everything, this book will either change the difficulties, your perspective of them, your heart and mind, or all of them.

I have read Power in Praise many times and each time it helps me praise God for the difficult times in my life. I’m more at peace knowing that God is in control, and I can completely trust Him.

Chaplains Letters of Praise and Thanks

I want to thank you for the generous donation of books to the young men at the Youth Center of St. Charles. I know God will use these books in the lives of the boys here. Chaplain, IL

Thank you for the donation of books to the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office. These books have meant so much to the inmates during these challenging times. You are an encouragement to the inmates and have demonstrated the Spirit of God’s love by your generosity.  Chaplain, NC

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