Words of Praise and Thanks!

Words of Praise and Thanks!


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We thank you for the Foundation of Praise ministry and the Praise News. It is always a blessing to us when we receive it.
Linda, KS

I am most grateful to Merlin for leading me to making praising God a never-ending priority!
Joseph, TX

Thank you for the Praise News. Reading the articles and testimonies stir our hearts and we are always blessed by it. We are rejoicing in being a part of spreading the Good News to so many people through this great work.
Daniel & Maggie, CA

I love Merlin’s books. I have read many of them and given many away.
Elaine, ND

Thank you for the wonderful Praise News. We need to remember to praise Him daily as He is worthy of our praise!
Caren, MN

I want to thank you for the Praise News and the Praise books which I have enjoyed and found encouragement from over many years. You have been a blessing and Merlin’s books have touched my life.
Debby, MI

Thank you for all the hard work you have done, and are doing, in the name of our Lord. You have blessed so many!
Frances, GA

We so appreciate your continuing Merlin’s vision. May it continue so that all those who are called will be saved.
Joyce, TX

I love and so look forward to receiving the Praise News.
Monica, MI

Thank you for the ministry you have of giving hope to those who have lost their hope, or never had it. God bless you.
Vickie, MN

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