Words of Praise & Thanks!

Words of Praise & Thanks!


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Your ministry of praise is such a blessing to me. I’m delighted to partner with you as you share the Gospel with so many. My prayer is that God will continue to provide wisdom and strength as you carry on with this ministry.
Anne, IA

Thank you for the blessings I receive each month when my Praise News arrives.
Jodee, CA

I love Praise News and Merlin’s books.  God bless you all for doing God’s work.
Ken, VT

Thank you for “going” into prisons with your books. We appreciate it so much.
Mike, TX

God is good all the time! Thank you for the uplifting articles in the Praise News.
Cynthia, TX

Your book Prison to Praise was given to me as a gift by my Secret Sister at church. It came at a crucial time, and it has encouraged me in my Christian walk.
LouElla, IA

I want to thank you for keeping the Foundation of Praise going. I’m sure the work can get tedious but be encouraged because all of us out here who have grown in the Lord through Merlin’s books are very grateful.
Martha Jane, CO

Thank you so much for the books you sent to us. We will distribute them wisely as led by the Lord. We truly thank God for your ministry and for being a blessing to people all over the world.
Caleb & Monika, Liberia

Thank you for blessing the inmates with your books. May the Lord continue to use you and your ministry.
Chaplain, Frackville Correctional Institute, PA

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your donation of books to our county jail. Providing inspirational reading to our inmates is an important part of our efforts to support them. The message of choosing to have a positive attitude, even in difficult circumstances, is a powerful one.
Sheriff, Jackson County, IN

I’ve just finished reading Prison to Praise and so much of it felt like God was speaking directly to my heart. I would love to read any other books you can send.
Faith, Regional Jail, VA

I read Prison to Praise while waiting for my sentencing in jail and have accepted the Lord as my Savior. This book meant so much to me and it has changed my life in many ways.
Patrick, WV

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  1. I was in a bad shape last year in 2023, I lost my partner. My mummy bought this book for me long back but I dint read it then. During my difficult sad time I picked up this book Power in Praise and read it twice and now reading it again the third time!!! Have even read Prison to Prasie also! Now have requested Answers to Praise form Amazon too! I can’t describe in words how much I experienced peace and joy knowing that God has a perfect plan for my life!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. I felt the tangible power of the Holy Spirit on me as I read this book and it encouraged me in my faith and helped me see the value of the work of the Holy Spirit in ministry and how giving praise and thanks in all circumstances can transform our lives in so many ways along with our faith. Thanks for sharing! Powerful story and testimony!!

  3. I read and re-read LTC Merlin Carothers’ book, Prison To Praise, and still enjoy it totally. I am a Vietnam Veteran and a Cold War Veteran, Germany. And, most important of all, Jesus is my Lord and Savior. Thank you.